It’s been 24 hours since a lone gunman opened fire on a crowd in Los Vegas and I’m still at loss for words.  How does one respond to something as diabolical as that?  What words can I say that aren’t a waste of breath?   So, I join the confounded masses in their hushed silence at this time… I have no words.

And maybe silence is the best response after all … out of respect for the dead and out of concern for the injured.   Maybe silence will drive us to our knees and lead us to prayer asking God for deliverance from this tyranny.  Maybe silence will finally bring us to a ‘come to Jesus’ moment where we finally face the problem of violence in our nation.


I have no easy answers and frankly, today is not the day for it.  Today is a day to be silent and shuffle through the motions of another work day and contemplate, pray, and maybe read some scripture.  If anyone does any talking today, let it be God.  Our future is in God’s hands anyway, and surely now more than ever we know that.



Bill Lamont