Session and Diaconate Committees

Session and Diaconate Committees
The heart of the Presbyterian system is government by elders. At Hidenwood the congregation elects 15 men and women who, meeting together, form the Session and are responsible for guiding the total life of the church in obedience to Christ, who is the Head. The deacons, 18 men and women also elected by the congregation, are given the responsibility for care of the property and for service to those in need. They work with and under the final authority of the Session. Other aspects of the life of the church are administered by the Session through its committees listed below. Membership on these committees is sought from across the membership of the church. Thanks are expressed to all of these people listed on the following pages for service to Hidenwood.

All church committees meet on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.


Christian Education
Statement of Purpose:
Christian Education oversees the programs that nurture children, youth and adults in our spiritual formation through a wide range of traditional Christian education experiences and Bible study as well as special programs for the enrichment of all ages.

1. Develop relevant and interesting class offerings for all adult members
2. Develop a comprehensive program of study, service, and activity for all youth
3. Develop a comprehensive program of study and activity for all children
4. Reach out to the children and families of Hidenwood Presbyterian Preschool
5. Reach out to the students and faculty of Christopher Newport University
6. Provide teacher and teacher assistant training
7. Provide opportunities and mentoring for young adult interns

Chair: Bette Runyan,


Statement of Purpose
The Evangelism Committee is charged with equipping all members of the congregation with the knowledge and tools to communicate Christ’s love through the work and programs of the church to the neighborhood and larger community.

1. Equip congregation members to identify and greet visitors to worship services
2. Provide greeters for both worship services
3. Assimilate new members into the life of the church (0 to 12 months)
4. Send notes to all visitors identified through the Friendship Register
5. Notify the Pastor of visitors identified through the Friendship Registers
6. Support Bride Events, including
a. Pet Blessing Services
b. Fall Pumpkin Festival
c. Movie Nights
d. Preschool Sunday
e. VBS Sunday
7. Equip the congregation to provide information about services and programs of Hidenwood Presbyterian Church to new comers to the neighborhood

Chair: Madalene Hardison,


Statement of Purpose
Finance oversees the financial condition of the church and is responsible for reporting on church financial matters to the diaconate, session, and the congregation. In this regard, the committee meets regularly with the church treasurer to review current receipts and expenditures to determine if they are within budget.

1. Preparing a proposed annual church budget for presentation to session
2. Assigning elders and deacons to count and deposit all offerings collected by the church
3. Review and maintain an adequate insurance program for the Church facilities and it programs.
4. Review and approve all contracts that require an annual expense of more than $1,000 or any contract for two or more years.
5. Monitor and record income and expenses monthly and provide reports to session and diaconate at their monthly meetings
6. Renegotiate or develop loan alternatives for recommendation to the Session.

Chair: Arthur Henderson,


Statement of Purpose
Stewardship works to enable all members to participate in carrying out the ministry of Christ, equipping each individual to use his or her unique gifts to manifest Christ’s love in service to the congregation; fosters personal stewardship of time, talent, and financial resources.

1. Plan, organize and carry out the yearly Stewardship Campaign
2. Improve ways to involve more church members as volunteers
3. Provide Stewardship education to congregation through “Minute for Mission”
4. Endowment Fund promotion (liaise with Endowment Committee)

Chair: Willard Hoskins,


Statement of Purpose
Worship is responsible for sustaining and empowering God’s people with a variety of worship experiences glorifying God; encouraging the congregation to experience a life-enriching connection with Jesus Christ.

1. Continue offering meaningful worship services each Sunday morning
2. Continue offering special services through the year, including Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Pet Blessing, Longest Night, and Christmas Eve
3. Finding ways to increase worship attendance
4. Continue offering “Music in the Woods” concert series
5. Offer dynamic music opportunities for children, youth and adults
6. Oversee the Academy of Music and Fine Arts
7. Identify “bridge events”

Chair: Debbi Stevens,

Auxiliary Committees of the Session
Members of the following committees are appointed by the Session.

Endowment Fund: Responsible for promoting, receiving, investing, expanding, and managing donations to the Fund under general oversight of the Session. Willard Hoskins, Chair,

Memorial Fund: Develops and recommends to the Session ways in which memorial funds might be used. Gay Huffman, Chair,

Personnel: Provides an orderly, focused, and considerate means for the Session to build a healthy work environment, contributing to the efficient operation of the church consistent with the Vision Statement. Arthur Henderson, Chair,


Communications Committee

Statement of Purpose
Communications responsibility includes promoting effective exchange of information both within the church membership and with the world at large, utilizing traditional media as well as up-to-date technology; fosters openness within the membership by encouraging effective communication among individuals and groups.

1. Prepare and distribute bi-weekly Lectern and e-Lectern; send out e-Lectern alerts as needed
2. Maintain church’s website
3. Prepare press releases for special activities and programs such as Fall Festival and Music in the Woods concerts
4. Create bulletin boards
5. Prepare special slide presentations as requested
6. Oversees signage
7. Creates brochures for Christian Education, Music Ministries, Preschool, etc.
8. Photographs special church events
9. Manage Memorial Fund
Chair: Amy Remington, Chair,

Congregational Care

Statement of Purpose
Congregational Care provides a climate of Christian love and acceptance, working with existing groups within the church and providing other opportunities for fellowship as needed; receives and assimilates all people into church life.

1. Provide fellowship opportunities such as monthly fellowship dinners, Shrove Tuesday, Lenten Dinners, and other opportunities for church-wide fellowship
2. Provide oversight to the Stephen Ministry Program and serve as a liaison between this group and the Session
3. Provide visits and telephone contact with ill/homebound members through the Homebound Visitation Team; to arrange delivery of Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies by district officers to homebound members
4. Periodically update the current Active Roll of the church
5. Prepare and serve the confirmation dinner to members of the Confirmation Class, their families and their sponsors
6. Send greeting cards to church members during celebrations, illnesses, or deaths within their families
7. Plan and organize day trips and overnight trips to areas of interest for the congregation
8. Provide hospital waiting room care boxes containing items like juice boxes, cookies, fruit cups, raisins, candy and a prayer card with telephone numbers.
9. Encourage all elders and deacons to embrace the District Shepherd Ministry Plan
10. Oversees publication of yearly church directory
11. Oversees publication of pictorial directory every five (5) years

Chair: Bart Bacon,

Food & Fellowship

Statement of Purpose
Food Services initiates food service programs and assists other church committees in providing food service, both for our own congregation and the wider community at large.

1. PORT – Enlist volunteers to assist with preparing meals, serving, overnight stay for the homeless shelter
2. Provide volunteers for Coffee Fellowship
3. Enlist volunteers to set up, cook, bake, and serve for church receptions, Shrove Tuesday, Lenten Dinners, monthly fellowship dinners, committee functions, etc.
4. Loving and Serving – Provide receptions for funeral/memorial services or prepare meal for family of deceased church member; prepare meal for members after surgery or childbirth; provide meals for our homebound
5. Attuned to other needs in the community or congregation that might be met through the mission and functions of the committee
6. Assist Local Mission Committee with Red Cross Disaster Team
Chair: Ellen Jones, Chair,


Statement of Purpose
Mission leads the congregation in knowledge of and participating in the work of the church as expressed through the activities of the Presbytery, Synod, and General Assembly; explores new ways to become a more effective instrument of peace and justice in the world. Mission also ministers to human needs wherever they may be found; works for the transformation of our community by reaching out to the less fortunate (the sick, the poor, the marginalized, and the exploited).

1. Plan and organize the Pumpkin Patch
2. Plan and organize the Fall Festival
3. Invite members of the congregation to participate in the “Cents-ability” program and collections quarterly
4. Plan, organize, and participate in mission trips
5. Conduct Peacemaking projects
6. Plan and organize a Stop Hunger Now meal packaging event
7. Fundraising for Congo clinic and health center
8. Work with community agencies to reach out to those less fortunate through projects and financial contributions:
a. Salvation Army
b. Habitat for Humanity
c. Peninsula Pastoral Counseling Center
d. Newport News Community Free Clinic
9. Provide support for community children, youth, and college students through
e. Hidenwood Tutoring Team (Pat Hoskins, coordinator)
f. United Campus Ministries
g. Church League Basketball
h. Scouting (Bill Lamont, liaison)
10. Maintain confidential discretionary fund to provide assistance for people in distress, including members of the congregation
11. Provide opportunities for service to the church and community through
i. “One Great Day of Fellowship and Service” (Spring)
j. Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive (December)
k. Habitat for Humanity (Jim Aguirre, coordinator)
l. Volunteering for basketball program (Greg McKean, coordinator)
m. Volunteering for scouting program (Bill Lamont, liaison)
n. Tutoring at Hidenwood Elementary School (Debbi Stevens, coordinator)
o. Red Cross Blood Drive (Don Kane, coordinator)
p. Holiday food packers and deliverers
q. Stocking Food Closet
12. Organize and plan American Red Cross Disaster Team in coordination with the Food and Fellowship Committee

Chair: Shawen Bartol,


Statement of Purpose
Property is responsible for the maintenance of the building and grounds of the church; supervises the janitorial and grounds staff and mobilizes teams of volunteers as needed.

1. Maintain a lawn care team
2. Continually work to maintain and improve facilities
3. Take part in the Disaster Response Team with the Local Mission and Food Services committees
4. Organizes work parties as needed

Chair: Ken Koehler,