Last Saturday night I had a dream. I dreamt that the Presbytery had asked me to chair a committee to close a small church on the eastern shore. Instead of closing it I came up with a scheme to keep it open, during the summer months anyway, by using seminary students. These students would preach, provide pastoral care and run the summer vacation bible school. For the rest of the dream I worked diligently to organize this new plan, knowing that if it wasn’t in place, the presbytery would not buy into it. When I awoke from the dream I realized that although I still had another week of sabbatical left, mentally I had already returned to work. Transitions can be difficult – especially after being on sabbatical for 3 months. I have wondered how this transition would go considering it is happening on the first week of September – the week everything in the church ramps up again. The dream is reassuring in reminding me that I mentally I am ready for it. Indeed my mind is already there! I have not been able to stop thinking about Hidenwood for the past week. I been wondering about the health of certain people. I’ve been thinking about the staff and how we will reconnect again at our first staff meeting. I’ve been pondering how to best tell you all about this sabbatical and the things I’ve learned about hospitality. Most of all I am grateful – grateful for all the preachers who supplied for me this summer, grateful for the sabbatical team and their efforts to make this sabbatical a success, grateful for the staff who kept things on an even keel while I was away. Tuesday is my first day back. I feel like a child headed back to school… excited to see old friends and eager to share a summer of experiences with them. See you in church! Bill