United Campus Ministries at Christopher Newport University

Hidenwood Helps: Painting the UCM office

75 Shoe Lane, Newport News, VA 23606

The mission of United Campus Ministries is to provide Protestant Christian ministry to the Christopher Newport University community, to facilitate interfaith dialogue, and collaboration with students, faculty, and staff in order to cultivate an environment that respects religious and cultural diversity. We share the intention of the United Methodist Church Board of Education and Campus Ministries: to invite and equip students to explore, engage and embody an active faith in God.

The UCM headquarters featuring meeting space and the office is located just across the street from the campus. Although UCM has been granted use of the building rent-free, utilities and other expenses must be paid by UCM to the tune of approximately $500 a month. For information and to contribute to the building’s monthly expenses, contact Rev. Suzy Cothran, campus minister, 757-575-0122. 

UCM Office