Introducing “The Potter’s House”c

Hidenwood member Richard Howes loved to work with clay and ceramics. He had his own workshop in the backyard and he could be found out there most days working on his wheel or pouring molds. Most of the things he made he gave away. It brought him joy to make things and give them away.

When Richard passed away in February 2009, his family gave Hidenwood a wonderful gift—all the equipment and supplies from his pottery workshop!

That gift planted the seeds of a dream of a pottery ministry at Hidenwood. Five years later and the dream has become a reality. The kiln has been re-wired and installed, aned an upstairs Sunday school classroom has been converted into a pottery workshop complete with four potter’s wheels.

On Sunday, January 12, 2014, Hidenwood dedicated The Potter’s House to the glory of God.  Richard’s son and daughter were here to participate in that dedication. We are recruiting leaders who want to learn the basics of working with clay who will introduce the art to others. Our hope is that this ministry will be made available to all ages in the church and beyond! If you are interested in being such a leader, please contact the church office, 757-596-1151.

What began as one man’s passion has grown into a church-wide ministry. This is how joy is multiplied and how faith grows. Pray that this new ministry will grow and flourish in the coming years.  — Bill Lamont